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Ticoscen is known as the Premier Evaporative Light Scattering Detector service and support experts. Tim Reyburn is the founder of the company and provides his customers with repair, validation, calibration, application support, installation and electronic support for their ELSDs. ELSDs are often crucial to their operations that involve non-chromaphoric compound detection and analysis. ELSDs are the secret tool many successful companies utilize for their R&D, QC and raw materiel testing.  Moreover, not all ELSDs are the same in regards to sensitivity. There are several ELSDs on the market today but only one company is dedicated to ELSD manufacturing. Also, they have the most sensitive ELSD on the market today.

This ELSD BLOG  is where interesting articles and breaking news relating to ELSD technology will be posted and discussions expanded upon. Such items as ELSD advancements, ELSD application success stories and other  leveraging options of ELSD technology that has been of value to other ELSD customers. Please read our BLOG in order to remain informed and up to date on ELSD technology.

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